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Sculpture & Artwork. making jaberwocky

Sculpture & Artwork

Artist's Statement

Millie Wood Swanepoel is African and grew up on an isolated farm in Zimbabwe at a time when Africa was all that we image it to be. Since that time, the wildlife has diminished in numbers and Africa becomes more and more of a shell of what we envisage. This is the heart of her work.

This is not a sad tale, rather one of appreciation for the wildlife that has withdrawn, of observation of the boundary between human and animal. The scope of both these themes has become wider and no longer entirely African.

Appreciation of animals has often become loving humour that pursues the individuality, the character, the essence of animals, who use body language rather than words.

Throughout all this, it is the link between human and animal that is important; this link as a symptom of ourselves. The more diminished this link, the more blind we are to ourselves. Animals provide a context for our own interactions and behaviour. They remain a part of our lives though often unseen and not thought of.

Her abstract bag-like work is often mixed media with found objects e.g. horns, teeth, bones, wood, bark, metal is incorporated into the finished objects. The bag-like pieces are a statement about how humans are able to make pouches or containers from a variety of materials including animal skin. There is also a mystery of what a bag could contain. This is food for thought.

Technical Notes

Most pieces are hand built and most are fired to stoneware. Sometimes paper pulp or fibre glass is mixed into the slip and then fired.

Millie paints, makes collages and pieces from found objects that tell a story

work on view St Roses old convent, beeches green GL5 4AD

all welcome to come and have a chat

here Millie

White folded basket

Sculpture & Artwork. white folded basket £150

work at courtyard studio St Roses Old Convent in STroud

Millie Wood Swanepoel MA(RCA) BA Hons(1st)
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Aa little bit of this and that

Texture ceramic bag

Sculpture & Artwork. tall testile inspired bag

Exploring a variety of materials to create art that conveys a message or story

The following images are a selection of her work over her long career as an artist and it continues........

solitude £250

Sculpture & Artwork. solitudeowlgoddessfront

Take a look on

Art works are for sale
Solitude £250
my life in England

Sculpture & Artwork. solitudeowlgoddess

Sacred mound £250

Sculpture & Artwork. sacredmountb

"tear drop vase"

Sculpture & Artwork. tear drop vase

Fish fragment £125

Sculpture & Artwork. fish fragment

Glass coloured circle

Sculpture & Artwork. coloured circle

monkey £85

Sculpture & Artwork. monkey

Dish with split £75

Sculpture & Artwork. split dish

song £250

Sculpture & Artwork. song

venice mask £250

Sculpture & Artwork. venice mask

Curved ceramic bowl £75

Sculpture & Artwork. curved bowl
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