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Working with Animals

Fur, Feather, Skin and Scale
All welcome

Why this work is my passion

I was born & grew up in Africa. Memories of Upton farm in Zimbabwe recall a rich tapestry interwoven with many adventures and the care of animals, both wild and domestic. A rescued baby barn owl with a broken wing became an important part of the menagerie of cats, dogs, birds and baboons that had free access to the house. They were very much part of family life.
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Working with Animals. Nov 14: Stroking Cheetah's Head

I came to appreciate animals' individuality. Wild animal orphans came to share our lives for a while, ready to be released back into the wild. A cherished memory is of stroking a fully-grown female cheetah's head and a deep purr was the response.

An unconditional love, respect for all animals and the enviroment was instilled at a young age, fostering an awareness, a feeling of connectedness with my surroundings and the importance of the cycle of life.

Working with Animals. Nov 14: 3 cats in basket

Today, we share our home with Siamese cats. We enjoy nothing better than a long walk in the fields and woods together and being in a 'heap' at the end of the day in front of the fire.

I have a keen interest in the well being of animals and their relationship with their humans.

I am a fully insured independent animal communicator.

Please click here to send me an email for more information or to discuss an animal.

Working with Animals. Nov 14: Nellie the dog and the cat flap

What is Animal Communication?

We share our thoughts daily with our animals for example, have you ever noticed that when you think of taking the dog for a walk, the dog is already waiting at the door?

Then they are there to welcome us home.

Animals are aware of our moods and needs and will usually offer support.

Working from a place of stillness and awareness, the communication allows space and time for the animal to express their needs or purpose.

Animal Communication is an interpretation, from the animals' perspective, which you as the decision maker have to take at face value.

Working with Animals. Nov 14: Dog and Tortoise

Animal Communication is a language of shared feelings. It supports the connection between humans and animals to help create a change and an understanding in the relationship. It is a listening technique without expectations to clarify physical, emotional and behavioural patterns.

Working with Animals. Nov 14: Dog howl

Conditions I have worked with

1. Physical problems and their true causes.

2. Emotional and behaviour issue and patterns.

3. Relationship building.

4. Trauma, most trauma has a physical and emotional content.

5. Pre and Post Operative Trauma.

6. I do not work with missing animals

7. i no longer do home visits

Working with Animals. Nov 14: Rainy the Snake

How does it work?

Phone Consultations: Millie makes a connection using a photo of your animal before your consultation time. A photo is a device to help start the dialogue. She will share the information with you (your animal may share character or physical aspects). If it is a good connection a 3 way dialogue can start, to find a way forward for both the animal and the human with the present issue.

Working with Animals. Nov 14: Millie and Kai no border

Home Visits if necessary (in the Stroud area only): Millie spends a quiet moment connecting with the animal, then works through the problem with both the animal and the human, negotating the appropriate way forward. She may use Reiki absent healing during the connection session.

Preparation for Communication: You need to contact Millie at the arranged time; information regarding your animal's character or physical aspects will be shared with you. If it is confirmed to be a good connection, the 3-way start to find a way forward with the present issue. If possible please have the animal present, as most times their behaviour through the communication is reflective.

Follow up: Reconnecting with your animal to check on progress is usually done a week later. It's quick and time efficient and I use a photograph.

Working with Animals. Nov 14: Cat in a Bowl

What happens?

1. introductory talk with owner regarding the animals issue will cost £10. Millie will explain how she will communicate with the animal.

2, Please email photo and/or name of the animal and the concerns you have regarding the animal physically, mentally or emotionally.

3. The first communication with the animal is to find what the cause of the problem is from the animal's perspective and cause for the owners concerns. I use a technique to go 'under' the emotion which can often resolve the problem.

4. Time is arranged for communication with owner, it is a joint practice. The cost is £60 for a hour or adjusted and agreed if the session is shorter .

5. Home visit by arrangement extra £20 within 15 min of Stroud, only if absolutely necessary

Working with Animals. Nov 14: baby ferret smaller


'I would like to make a statement that Millie Wood Swanepoel helped our 'baby' ferret to settle down, become much calmer, and stop biting everyone who picked her up. She has settled into being a lively, happy young ferret with a much more relaxed body. Well done Millie.' Marianne.

If you would like to discuss how we might work together to communicate with your animal(s) please click here to send me an email.

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I work with my guides and white lion energy on the dragons back

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